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Use Journaling to Create the Building Blocks to Your Life Story

2010 December 20

Self Confidence is an attitude: Here’s an easy way to boost yours on a daily basis!

journalingJournaling is a great process to use for tapping into the strength that lies within you.  Never mind whether or not you consider yourself a writer, you can still create your own unique journal that can become an invaluable resource for building your self-esteem.

We humans are so often our own harshest critics, and time goes by so quickly it’s easy to overlook or discount the little things we accomplish on a daily basis. Keeping track of the things you do right, your daily triumphs, no matter how small, over time can do incredible things for your self confidence and can be a wonderful way to look back over the year.

For example . . .

Success Journal

There are many lovely journals on the market that include quotations or other guides to help motivate you to write daily. However, to truly make your Success Journal your own, I suggest that you consider selecting one that has either blank or ruled pages with no other guides included. This way the notes or quotations you add will be your own and reflect your unique perspective.

Don’t worry about having to writing a lot in this journal, unless you want to of course. A simple statement will do, even an ongoing list, as long as you include enough to be meaningful when you look back weeks or even months later. If you’re feeling creativeadd images, clippings or even stickers – and turn your journal into a mini scrapbook and narrative of your year.

The single most important thing is to keep track of all your daily successes . . . not just the BIG ones, and not just work related.

“Today I gave myself the gift of time to write in my journal!” 

Wreck This Journal

Here’s a journal meant to accomplish something meaningful and very specific by encouraging you to release frustration, anxiety and anger during the most challenging times in your life.  

The purpose of Wreck This Journal  (not an affiliate link) is to guide you through the process of literally wrecking it by doing things like poking holes in pages and gluing on things you find in places like between the pillows on your couch.

Many people have shared their thoughts and emotions on working with this journal have submitted photos of their creations if you’d like to see them . . .

“I battled cancer last year, and was given dozens of pretty blank journals. I didn’t open any of them. I didn’t want to write about cancer and process about cancer. I wanted to KILL CANCER and demolish any and all cancer-related merchandise. This journal is so cathartic. It doesn’t take itself too seriously but allows for rage, anger, fear, despair, and all kinds of other messy emotions. Plus, I finally found a use for all the stickers I have laying around in drawers and cabinets.”

Even if you have never kept a journal or diary I’m willing to bet you have had days when you thought a great deal about events in your life. Sometimes we think about them at the end of a special day or as we lay in bed at night. At other times, we get caught up in reflecting about something in our past. A friend, picture, phone call or circumstance triggers the memory and suddenly you are “time traveling” in your mind.

Why not write about things that are bothering you, things that bring you joy, special moments in your life as well as the occasional heartbreak. And of course there are the special people in your life … thoughts on your children, your parent’s 50th wedding anniversary, the passing of loved ones or the birth of a child.

There will be times when life is hectic that devoting even a few minutes to journal your thoughts will feel frivolous, but if you honestly write down these thoughts I can promise you will cherish them with all your heart down the road.


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