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What it Means to Live an Empowered Life

2013 December 19

It is not enough if you just live life as it comes to you like a floating leaf in a pond. Make use of the powers bestowed in you and soar like an eagle. ~Stephen Richards


Empowered LifeWhen was the last time you stepped back and took a look at the “big picture” of the life you’re living?

A lot of us have goals for the New Year (or soon will) but for many those goals will look suspiciously like shoulds on an oversized task list … lose weight, get organized, stop smoking, start a business, and finally write that book.

The question I’m going to ask you to consider today is whether or not the goals you’ve set for yourself are designed to create an empowered life.

The concept of living an empowered life is founded on the belief that you have the ability and authority to create your best life – whatever that may look like for you - and most important of all, that you deserve it. To better understand what this might look like for you, you need to understand the difference between an empowered life and living by default.

The Empowered Life vs. Living by Default

Does your current life represent a path you’ve chosen for yourself? Is it based on your dreams and created by choices you’ve made about how you want to live each day … or did you simply happen into your current life as a result of circumstances?

Maybe you are living a good life, not all that you dreamed it would be, but it’s okay. After all (you tell yourself) a lot of other people have it tougher, right?

Are you gliding along and letting things happen, reacting to whatever (and whoever) comes your way, simply going with the natural flow of things? Not necessarily bad in and of itself, but in choosing to live this way you relinquish control of your life to serendipity … good luck, bad luck, whatever the fates happen to serve up; in other words, living life by default.

Or you can choose to be an active participant in creating your own life experience — empowering yourself to make intentional choices and decisions, creating focus and direction and turning dreams into reality. Of course this requires more work, and no small amount of courage, but the rewards are also far greater.

An Empowered Life Will Look Differently for Each of Us

There is no one-size-fits-all formula for living an empowered life because we each have different interests, passions and dreams, but regardless of the desired outcome it all begins with the decision to live with greater intention.

The interesting thing is that when you begin to pay closer attention to what is happening in your life, you may make some surprising discoveries. You may find that there are things in your life that no longer serve you.

And it won’t just be physical objects or routines that you find cluttering up your life. You may run into friendships, acquaintances, even romantic relationships that are called into question, especially if – once you start actually paying attention to them – you find that neither of you is getting anything out of it; or realize the relationship is unbalanced. Just like physical objects and everyday routines, sometimes there are relationships that have run their course; that we hold onto out of habit, but that would serve everyone better if we simply let them go.

An Empowered Life Requires Courage

It is human nature to look for the short cuts, the easy answer, and the uncomplicated solution, so it is important to understand going in that choosing to live an empowered life takes courage.

It requires planning and becoming clear about who you are and what you truly want in life; following this path you will continually push the boundaries of your comfort zone, and there will be periods of uncertainty and times you’ll be required to make tough choices.

In fact, courage may actually be the single most important characteristic for creating positive life change because it provides the determination that you need to initiate change and the passion to adhere to your new path through periods of uncertainty. Courage enables you to change old habits, and to make difficult choices to do what is in your best interests however uncomfortable it might initially make you feel.

The good news is that courage can be developed over time, which means that even if you are not feeling particularly courageous right now, you can start small and grow from here.

If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble in life, you wouldn’t sit for a month. ~Theodore Roosevelt

Choosing to live an empowered life is not about turning your life upside down. Nor is it about manifesting change simply for the sake of change. It is about coming to a realization that there are things that you would really like to have more of in your life. Things you didn’t even realize were missing until you started paying attention.

It’s also about doing everything you do with complete and total awareness that – for better or worse – it’s the choices you make each day that ultimately creates the quality of your life experience. In other words, living an empowered life requires that you acknowledging that you are fully committed to becoming the person you are meant to be.

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13 Responses
  1. December 31, 2013

    Your Post is very Used full thanks for Shairing I am really enjoyed this post.EMPOWERMENT .. powering myself is a joy and a gift and thank you for the reminder so beautifully worded and explained,,,

  2. December 25, 2013

    Hi Marquita,
    Perhaphs many among us may be living life as with the flow of river.I agree with you that one should live his/her life with the way we want to.
    But won’t you agree with me that there is also a major factor “fate”, if you believe in it.
    That also decides the flow of life along with our karma.
    Several times, not every time it happens that we want to and are prepared to do something in life and suddenly due to some unavoidable circumstances it is cancelled or can’t be done.
    It is like you are going for an interview and you are damn sure you would be selected in that but you stuck up in a traffic jam and you could not attend even the interview.
    But I still agree with you that one should always try to empower himself/herself.
    Thanks and have a nice day.
    Nitesh Sharma recently posted..Setting Goals For 2014 and Making Sure To Achieve ThemMy Profile

    • December 26, 2013

      I’ll be honest with you Nitesh, to a great degree I believe invoking “fate” is a major cop out. Using your example of going to a job interview and getting stuck in traffic – I’d say the real problem is not planning well enough to factor possible traffic delays and not leaving early enough. Are there things that happen out of our control – absolutely! But very often there are far more things within our control than we realize, or are willing to take responsibility for. Thanks for taking the time to contribute to the conversation!
      Marquita Herald recently posted..What it Means to Live an Empowered LifeMy Profile

  3. December 23, 2013

    Yes, being aware of what we love to do and finding our core passion is a start. Then finding our rhythm with our choices and accepting that every day we have challenges and choices are to be made. You are responsible for each on made and the end result. No more blame game!

    You can certainly go through life and just accept what ever until you ascend. Just taking a stand and challenging your every thought with positive activity and stop listening to all those so called people who you allow in your life. They are the ones who know everything you should do each waking moment. Most of the time it is our moms or siblings.

    Being a person of action and accepting to be responsible for all the things that I allow to happen. Awakens me to change me and make the challenges learning experiences. You have something that no other creature created has, that is choice. So, make it a daily thing to think about your actions prior to taking them. Let no one or thing be a reason for you to make a choice to do something. You can not look back and blame anything or one about what has not or has happened. Let us just get you to this point of maturity.

    Great article and love being a part of getting some solutions to challenges this one article brings into light. You are an amazing person and we appreciate all the care you put into researching a topic.
    William Earl Amis, Jr. III recently posted..All In The Attitude!My Profile

  4. December 22, 2013

    Hi Marty,

    Yes, I would say I am living the Empowered Life! Been doing so for a very long time now. No, it is not so easy to do, but step by step I’ve learned in the past that I do have a great power within.

    This power I take action on. Many people around me poo poo my lifestyle, but I can say I love it and love to be free.

    I can go anywhere I want, work as much as I want….well you know my friend you are doing it too!


  5. December 22, 2013

    Hi Marty,

    This was a very inspiring post!

    I could really resonate with the points you made having courage to live an empowered life. For me, courage has been the single most powerful trait that has helped me to create change in my life. And you’re so right. We can all develop courage over time.

    Thank you.
    Hiten recently posted..How to Keep Your Ego in Check for 2014My Profile

  6. December 21, 2013

    Happy is the one who finds that path of empowerment AND has the clarity and courage to cut through all that clutters the way!

    I love the Theodore Roosevelt quote! So true!

    Willena Flewelling recently posted..Our Children Are Our FutureMy Profile

  7. December 21, 2013

    Funny Marty, my wife and I are hosting a Meetup a week from Sunday and the topic is Creating an Intention in 2014. I think living an empowered life comes from having empowered intentions. Most of the people I’ve spoken with didn’t have an intention for 2013 and they can attest to the fact that it showed. We plan to help those attending our workshop not to repeat causing an empty default year.


    Rick Lelchuk recently posted..Too Little, Too LateMy Profile

  8. December 21, 2013

    Hi Marquita,

    As many people, even though I had an enraging mother who always was behind me in all my endeavors, I wasn’t taught that you could live the life of your dreams in the way I learned it later in my life when I started getting evolved in personal development.

    This is a concept most of us don’t learn as we grow up, so we need to first accept it and then implement it. For some of us, this takes years, and for some it might be more of a rather instant turnaround. As you said we’re all different.

    But in the end, we can only be so grateful that in our life time, this possibility was put in front of our eyes. I know for sure that didn’t happen in the life time of my grandmother or mother, so the hill I had to climb was stiff.

    However, many wonderful things are happening for me now and I vouch that living a life by design is the ONLY way to be truly happy and fulfilled.

    All the best to you for the upcoming new year!
    Sylviane Nuccio recently posted..10 Wonderful Ways Of Giving That Won’t Cost You A PennyMy Profile

  9. December 20, 2013

    get inspired is easy when coming to your blog… you always come up with great inspirational articles and provocative enough to take action mostly because of all your detailed description on how to.

    Living by default is a norm for me (sometimes) and that is when I actually re-charge to move forward and live more empowered than ever.

    Last summer was one of those so called “living by default” times… I was suffering with a painful gout attack and could not function as i normally do. so I stepped back to the “living by default” not to aggravate the pain but at the same time inched my way out till one day (not long a go) I spring up to an empowered lifestyle again…

    Now I wake up thinking what is best for me to start the day and jump into new ventures with zest.. and that remind me of what I read above “belief that you have the ability and authority to create your best life” I DO BELIEVE I have the ability and authority and I move forward in that direction at every step I make.

    THANKS so much again for this inspiring article that made me joyful while reading and excited to leave you a supporting comment hoping it is supporting to you as well.
    nick catricala recently posted..A Healthy Diet I have used oftenMy Profile

  10. December 20, 2013

    This is why I always want to catch your every post so that I can learn & view something new, interesting and authentic information and suggestion from you. Thanks for your interesting post.
    Alysha recently posted..Going Abroad and Using a TrainMy Profile

  11. December 20, 2013

    Living by default doesn’t sound like all that much fun, does it? ;-) Worse yet is setting goals and living according to another person’s agenda. Empowered is a very strong and accurate word. It demonstrates that we each ultimately have control of our lives. We can choose to include those elements that bring us closer to the person we want to be and exclude those elements that push us further from our inner peace. I could not agree more that courage is the single most important thing. Courage to say and courage to do. Best wishes for an inspired day!
    Dave recently posted..Family treeMy Profile

  12. December 19, 2013

    I love that word EMPOWERMENT .. powering myself is a joy and a gift and thank you for the reminder so beautifully worded and explained,,, and inspiration as ever Marquita. Merry Christmas to you!
    Sarupa Shah recently posted..The inner work mistake you don’t know you are making!My Profile

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